The world of NICOLI is not just exclusive, it is elegant, unique and highly sought after too. Created as the perfect accessory to life's most beautiful and memorable moments, Hollywood glamour and Italian styling is behind, and can be seen in everything we do; from our exquisite hand crafted evening handbags, purses and clutches to our glamorous Swarovski diamanté embellished shoes.

The NICOLI brand was founded in 2004 by Khurram Rafique and is proud to be an integral part of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum's vision for the UAE to lead the world in the global luxury goods market.

Already a significant brand with 7 high-concept stores flourishing within the GCC region, NICOLI's growth has been forged by innovative and trendsetting collections, building rock-solid foundations and maintaining excellent partnership links.

NICOLI is a family business and a family of business partners as part of Al Jaroodi Traders Group, established in 1980, NICOLI remains a private enterprise allowing us to ensure complete control over both the quality of our products and their highly desirable designs.



Emotional : Stylish, Edgy, Confident
Descriptive : Contemporary, Innovative, Elegant, Unique, Modern
Brand Function : Self-Expression, Feminine, Youthful



NICOLI is an upmarket boutique, which is renowned for our innovative, high-quality footwear and bag collections. We believe in quality over quantity - our products are NEVER mass produced, and are handmade from the finest materials. Our collections and boutiques epitomise uniqueness, individuality and the personalities of the women who shop there.



Consistently deliver high-quality, limited edition accessories that are feminine, on edge and on trend.